Company History

About our company and short timeline

Benevo is a privately held investment and development company with substantial real estate and non real estate holdings in Canada and Romania. In Canada the companies of Michael Topolinski (founder of Benevo Group) employ over 1000 people. Benevo commenced activity in the Romanian residential real estate market in mid 2006 as a strategic investor.

In Romania, Benevo’s 2 main business lines are Retail and Residential real estate investment and development and the company also opened an office in Kyiv in mid 2013 which will focus on retail development.

Benevo is one of the largest active retail developers in Bucharest. They concluded the largest land transaction in 2008: 53,000 sqm - €40 million Victoria City. The Grand Opening for Victoria City Shopping Center is scheduled for 2016.

Benevo also concluded the largest land transaction in 2012: 77,000 sqm for €22 million, Vulcan Retail Park. Vulcan Retail Park will have a GBA of 30,000 sqm. In September 2013, Benevo sold their 50% equity stake to JV partner after Benevo completed pre development and de-risking of the project for a substantial profit and exceptionally high return on equity.

In 2013 Benevo concluded one of the largest acquisitions of the year, purchasing the Aversa pump manufacturing business and land plot of 10 ha in Obor, Bucharest at auction.

Benevo is a highly active investor in residential apartments, now holding a portfolio of 300 apartments in Bucharest. In addition Benevo created Benevo the Homes Store, a leasing agency that enabled Benevo to ensure their portfolio of apartments were optimized through quality leasing and asset management. This was a unique factor to the success of Benevo’s residential business.

Real estate experience

Carpe Diem Real Estate Development Inc. (Canada) 2005

Residential development company with over 160 hectares of residential property, in addition to industrial space and operating commercial properties in Ontario, Canada. Ownership stake is 100%.

Benevo Real Estate Investments SA (Romania) 2006

Victoria City Shopping Center (Romania) 2008

Benevo The Homes Store (Romania) 2008

Benevo Capital (Romania) 2011

Vulcan Retail Park (Romania) 2012

Kyiv Office (Ukraine) 2013

Aversa Manufacturing (Romania) 2013

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